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Security Policy⚓︎

Services in Scope⚓︎

All Remy Services, LLC web services are intended to be in scope.

This includes content in the following domains:


Security Research and Disclosure Process⚓︎

Remy Services, LLC understands the devotion and effort that security work requires. As such, we encourage the responsible disclosure of any vulnerabilities directly to us.

Responsible disclosure for Remy Services, LLC means:

  • Openly share the full details of any vulnerabilities with us.
  • Do not announce or share the details of any vulnerabilities in any way with the public or other parties for 90 days.
  • Do not exploit the vulnerability except for purposes of demonstrating it to Remy Services, LLC personnel. Please contact Remy Services, LLC if you are unsure of exploitability, and we will work to verify it safely.
  • Do not use the vulnerability to access, modify, harm, or otherwise alter any data on the Remy Services, LLC systems.
  • Share knowledge of any known solutions to the vulnerability so that we more quickly resolve the issue.

Remy Services, LLC will not seek to bring legal action against any person who adheres to this process of responsible disclosure.

If you have identified a vulnerability, please report it to

You may also contact us with any security concerns, or suggestions, we welcome the input.


The following researchers have submitted reports to Remy Services, LLC that have contributed to the continuing security of our services. We would like to acknowledge their efforts in helping the community.