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About the Servers⚓︎

This site is hosted with a mix of technologies and methodologies. The website itself is statically generated html created with MkDocs. How the site is hosted and delivered varies on the domain being accessed.

I utilize Vultr VPS’s running CentOS/OracleLinux with a Docker Swarm, or an OpenBSD instance. When hosted on the VPS nginx is always used to serve the pages. I also make use of GitLab Pages and CloudFlare Pages.

I use free certificates from Let’s Encrypt, have enabled HSTS with one-year headers, and set various headers to protect the site and its user’s privacy.

As an added layer of protection, I utilize Cloudflare, have enabled DNSSec on those domains which support it, and utilize various IP rulesets from FireHol.

You can verify my sites’ security using sites such as SSLLabs, Digicert, or

If you find any issues with the sites’ security, or the content it is serving, please let me know. More information can be found on my security policy page.

This website is a personal website of David Remy. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employers, past or present.

Server Status⚓︎

Basic site statistics can be found at

Other URLs⚓︎

This site can be accessed using,, and