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Red Wiggler Reproduction⚓︎


Red wigglers, like all earthworms, are hermaphroditic, simultaneously possessing both male and female sex organs, both of which are used in the reproduction process. Once the worm reached sexual maturity, approx. 42 days old, they can start reproducing. During the worms reproduction process the clitella becomes prominent. Clitella are a large, lighter-colored set of bands which contain the worms’ reproductive organs

To reproduce two worms will join clitella and produce 1 to 3 cocoons per week. The cocoons and lemon-shaped, around 1/8th inch wide, and visible to the naked eye. The cocoons start as a yellowish color and progressively get darker until they hatch 21 days later. Each cocoon will yield approx. 3 worms.

Red Wigglers life expectancy is between one and five years.


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